Does Blackboard 9.1 have all the features from Blackboard 8?

Feature Lost

  • Announcement Text in Email – Email notifications for announcements include a link to the announcement, but do not include the full body of the announcement text.
  • Announcement Filter – Users are no longer able to view just the announcements posted from the current day.
  • Digital Dropbox – The more robust Assignments tool and the Group File Exchange feature meets the needs of individual users and groups for completing and managing course work. These functions made the Digital Drop Box obsolete. For more information, see Assignments.
  • Electric Blackboard – Now students can use Journals to complete these same tasks, making it much more fully featured than the Electric Blackboard tool. For more information, see Blogs and Journals.
  • Student Homepages – Student homepages are no longer needed because the new Blogs tool enables students to express their thoughts and reflect on learning within a course and the My Places tool allows student to post their avatar system-wide (instead of limited to the Course environment) and includes additional functionality and a customizable set of links to frequently accessed information as well as tools to personalize a user’s own experience.
  • Tools Panel: There is no longer a separate Tools panel in the Course Menu. “Course Tools” and “Communication Tools” have been combined into a single Tools area that appears within the default Course Menu.

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